Our Certifications,

As a responsible and reputable jewellery brand, we adhere to the highest industry standards and certifications. We believe in being transparent with our customers about our certifications and the steps we take to ensure that our jewellery is of the highest quality and responsible sourced.

SGL (Solitaire Gemmological Laboratoris):

SGL is an independent laboratory that specializes in diamond and gemstone grading. They provide a range of service, including diamond and gemstone identification, grading and certification. SGL certification provides assurance of the quality and authenticity of the diamond or gemstone.

IGI (International Gemological Institute):

IGI is a leading authority in gemology and diamond grading. They provide a range of services, including grading and certification of diamonds, gemstones and jewellery. IGI certification ensures that the diamond or gemstone meets certain standards for quality and authenticity.

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards):

BIS is the national standards body of India and is responsible for setting standards for various products, including jewellery. BIS certification is required for all jewellery sold in India and ensures that the jewellery meets certain quality and safety standards.

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